Aatrox Vue - Vue 3 & Tailwind Css Admin Dashboard

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💚 A Minimal Admin Dashboard Develop with Vue 3, Vite, and TailwindCss. 💥

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Tech Stack : Vue 3 , TailwindCSS , ViteJs

Key Features

Aatrox is the most comprehensive admin template available

If you're a developer seeking a developer-friendly, feature-rich, and highly customizable admin dashboard, Aatrox is the best option. We used industry best practices to create the greatest admin template that is not only quick and easy to use but also extremely scalable. With maximum convenience and versatility, you'll be able to create any application you desire with no effort.

With ease, create high-quality applications. Create eye-catching, high-quality, and high-performing single-page apps with our creative admin template. Your apps will be fully responsive, ensuring that they look great and work perfectly on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

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Installation ⚒️

We recommend you use yarn

  1. Install all packages

    # npm install [for npm]
  2. Run development server

    yarn dev
    # npm run dev [for npm]

Generate build files for deployment

Yarn build

npm run build [for npm]

  • Size
    5.3 MB
  • Version
  • TailwindCss Version
  • Vuejs Version
  • Composition Api
  • Support
    6 months
  • Size5.3 MB
  • Version1.0.0
  • TailwindCss Version2
  • Vuejs Version3
  • Composition ApiYes
  • Support6 months
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Aatrox Vue - Vue 3 & Tailwind Css Admin Dashboard

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