Figtify Figma UiKits and Design system for Vuetify

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Figtify Most Powerful Figma UI kit and Design System

Figtify is the most detailed Figma UI kit and design system on the internet. Start any project, save countless hours, and advance your design skills with Figtify.

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Key Takeaways

Save countless design hours

Figtify includes all the tools you might need to create stunning and contemporary user interfaces and websites. So, it has all the potential to save countless tiring hours of designing your dream project.

1000+ customized global style guides

  • Smart, scalable typography system for any project
  • Wide-range of practical and accessible color systems
  • A truckload of customized & minimal blurs, shadows, and elevations

5000+ components and variants

  • We’ve carefully crafted the file with a full auto layout 4.0, smart variations, and component characteristics
  • 2000+ icons & logos (multiple variations)
  • We've given thought to everything that you might for your web application. Thus, we've come up with the world's biggest and most powerful Figma UI kit
  • Buttons, Icons, Widgets, Avatars, Badges, Alerts, Form Inputs, and a lot more
  • Updated with the latest Figma features

500+ pre-built landing page sections with mobile views

  • Combine sections and variants to create websites and dashboards in minutes
  • We’ve given serious attention to examples that you can actually use in real projects. For example, landing pages, dashboards, regular pages, settings pages, etc.

Pre-built Examples Pages

  • 15+ landing page examples (with mobile views)
  • 10+ dashboard examples (with mobile views)


  • 25+ header sections
  • 20+ feature sections
  • 20+ pricing sections
  • 25+ CTA sections
  • 30+ portfolio sections
  • 25+ product sections
  • 20+ testimonials
  • 15+ banner sections
  • 20+ team sections
  • 20+ FAQ sections
  • 25+ blog sections
  • 20+ logo cloud sections
  • 20+ footer sections
  • 35+ sign in & sign up sections
  • and more.
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  • Size
    191 MB
  • Lifetime updates
  • Auto Layout 4.0
  • Component properties
  • Components and variants
  • Global styles
  • Page and dashboard examples
  • Icons and logos
  • Size191 MB
  • Lifetime updates✔️
  • Auto Layout 4.0✔️
  • Component properties✔️
  • Components and variants7k+
  • Global styles500+
  • Page and dashboard examples400+
  • Icons and logos✔️
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Figtify Figma UiKits and Design system for Vuetify

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